BCC is a leading provider of afterschool choral training programs for diverse youth and children ages 7-18. Through creative social integration, the following four core programs address the community’s needs for music education, youth development, and community building.

Choral Activities/Music Education
BCC believes and demonstrates that youth can perform at levels of excellence, based on innovative and impactful music education. Our 12 choirs perform over 50 times each year. The music education program, most often recognized for its unique approach in reaching diverse students of both urban and suburban backgrounds, levels the field of learning for singers with varying degrees of experience and leads all to achieve high levels of musicianship. Click here for more information about our Choral Programs.

BCC builds relationships with leading professional artists and scholars in the field of music and music education. These leaders interact and partner with BCC singers and the Boston community, providing meaningful musical experiences for all. 

Past Artists:

  • Rollo Dilworth, Temple University, 2014
  • Daniel Romaine, Composer and Violinist, 2014
  • Henry Leck, Indianapolis Childen's Chorus, 2013
  • Simon Halsey, Berlin Radio Choir and City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Chorus, England, 2012
  • Lynnel Joy Jenkins, Princeton Girlchoir, 2012
  • Maria Guinand, Artistic Director of Schola Cantorum of Venezuela, 2011
  • Fernando Malvar-Ruiz, Litton-Lodal Music Director of The American Boychoir, 2011
  • Bill Banfield, Berklee College of Music, 2011 & 2012

Tours and Excursions

Tours provide our singers with first-rate performing opportunities within the U.S. and abroad.Through this travel and the specially-designed pre-tour education programs, singers’ lives are changed as they learn about foreign cultures, their histories, and from friendships across global boundaries. BCC has traveled to Mexico, Japan, Jordan, England, Vietnam and Cambodia and various cities around the United States. BCC plans to travel to the Czech Republic and Germany during the summer of 2015.

Youth Development 
BCC empowers youth to take ownership of their participation, assisting their development as independent and responsible learners, thinkers, musicians and citizens. The youth development program supports singers' development of their own voices through omni-directional mentoring, leadership development and through the building of networking, public speaking and communication skills. In addition, the singers become deeply engaged in the community through targeted community service projects.