The Boston Children’s Chorus is educating children in the best ways: musically, of course, but also in the spirit of collaboration and inclusion. And…it is just so moving and inspirational to see these children perform.

Dr. Sherry Penney
Professor of Leadership,
UMass-Boston College of Management


Boston Children's Chorus envisions a city defined by meaningful relationships among its community members. Through participation in a rigorous choral curriculum supplemented with lessons to foster compassion, BCC singers will use the shared experience of music to create a better understanding of their part in the world around them. BCC is in pursuit of musical excellence, which the organization believes can be used as a tool to create dialogue around difficult issues. By encouraging conversations around these issue, our singers pave the way for a more connected Boston and leading to creative social integration. 


The impact on our singers is manifold:

  • They arrive at the BCC as children, sometimes insecure and without a strong sense of discipline, and by the end of a season they have blossomed into self-confident young adults
  • They develop a sense of self and learn to be personally responsible, respecting themselves and others. Along the way, they have worked hard but also experienced the joy that comes with reaching for ambitious goals and succeeding
  • They form close bonds with their fellow singers, many of whom they would otherwise not have met because of social and racial differences
  • As a result of their time with the BCC, our singers become compassionate, tolerant, community-builders, artistically, culturally and civically engaged citizens of the world