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Who is TEDxBoston?

We are a team of volunteers in Boston who are catalyzing innovation by sharing revolutionary ideas with citizens around the world.

Local executives Sean Belka, Danielle D. Duplin, and Matt Saiia sprang into action to create TEDxBoston right after Chris Anderson announced the TEDx initiative at TED2009. We partnered with the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology and Collective Next, and in a few exhilarating months produced our inaugural event.

TEDxBoston 2009 featured live talks by impressive Bostonians, 300 enthusiastic attendees, and a grand finale symphony conducted by Ben Zander with 75 international youth musicians in the lobby of our office building. Little did we know the event would tap into Boston’s huge reservoir of goodwill to celebrate the region’s ingenuity and to mix ideas across all disciplines. We were hooked.

The following year Jimmy Guterman (BCC Premier Choir Father) and John Werner joined the curators and along with a growing cohort of volunteers we produced TEDxBoston 2010, an all-day event in Boston’s Seaport Innovation District as well as a rich tapestry of community experiences throughout the year called Adventures that connect the people and places that make Greater Boston such a fascinating and thriving city. For TEDxBoston 2011, we broadened the reach further by adding new ways to participate such as creative simulcast venues and immersive online environments.

So far, thousands of people of have attended live TEDxBoston events and the videos have been viewed nearly 3 million times. We’re thrilled to be back on June 22, 2012.

For inspiration, we take our cue from the founding families who centuries ago were the original entrepreneurs of democracy.

For the speakers, we seek out luminaries who hail from the Boston area, are driven to make the world a better place, and are devoted to implementing their game-changing ideas at scale.

For you the audience, well let’s just say that we are in awe of the talent, the energy, and the accomplishments of everyone who participates before, during, and after the events. It’s been our privilege to get to know you.

We’re honored to be part of TED and the ever-growing global TEDx community. Thanks for joining us.

Here’s to Ideas Worth Spreading,
Sean Belka, Danielle D. Duplin, Jimmy Guterman (BCC PC Father), Matt Saiia
TEDxBoston Curators

Premier Choir and Young Men's Ensemble to perform. BCC's TEDxBoston site is here.

Mr. Anthony Trecek-King to speak.  His TEDxBoston site is here.

Date Friday June 22, 2012
Time 9:00am
Location Seaport World Trade Center
200 Seaport Boulevard
Boston, MA