At Boston Children's Chorus (BCC), the strength of our community is built on the proactive support and commitment of its members. BCC encourages a participatory community that is reflected through volunteerism, choir spirit, event attendance, philanthropic giving and exchange of expertise. As a member of BCC's community, we invite you to share your talents, time, advocacy and enthusiasm.

About The Family Council

The Family Council, BCC’s volunteer organization, is a welcoming and inclusive organization for all parents and parent figures whose children participate in BCC currently, or in the past. The Family Council serves as the primary link between BCC’s leadership and singers’ families. All are automatically considered members and are invited and encouraged to participate in The Council's many initiatives and activities.

Why BCC Needs You

At BCC, families are our foundation and our legacy. Your presence at and involvement in BCC’s activities enriches your child’s choir experience and supports our community. Your leadership on The Family Council will provide us invaluable feedback and insight on how we can shape our programs to best serve our families and communities. If you have an hour or an entire evening available per week in your schedule, The Family Council and BCC will benefit from your time.

Get Involved!