Listen In Speaker Series




Beginning February 13th. 2020, BCC launched a guest speaker series entitled, Listen In. Drawing inspiration from season, concert, and repertoire themes, community leaders will facilitate targeted social discussions and share highlights from their personal and professional journeys with upper choir singers. The series is designed to promote an intentional and robust culture of inquiry, culminating in a singer-facilitated question and answer session.


The speaker series will be scheduled once a month on Thursdays, from 6:30–7:30 pm. Prior to every Listen In session, singers will receive a biography of the designated speaker and submit questions for the event. PC/YME presidents will determine a final list of questions and share it with the speaker in advance of the event. For every session, speakers will give a brief introduction to their life and work, providing their own insights into season or repertoire themes. Following the speaker’s introduction, the bulk of the session will feature a "fireside chat" Q and A session facilitated by PC/YME singers. Listen In sessions will end with a community pizza dinner.