Tours & Excursions

BCC singers have the opportunity to participate in regional, national, and international tours numerous times throughout the year. The follow choirs travel locally, nationally, and internationally: Central Intermediate Advanced, Concert Choir, Premier Choir and the Young Men's Ensemble.

Tours provide our singers with first-rate performing opportunities within the U.S. and abroad. Through this travel and the specially-designed pre-tour education programs, singers’ lives are changed as they learn about foreign cultures, their histories, and form friendships across global boundaries. BCC's Premier Choir and Young Men's Ensemble has traveled to Japan, Mexico, Jordan, Scotland, England, Vietnam, Cambodia, Czech Republic and Germany along with various cities around the United States. 

Concert Choir has traveled to Canada, New York and Maine.  Central Intermediate has traveled to New Jersey and Washington DC.

Liberation Tour to the Czech Republic and Germany
July 7, 2015

Jordan Documentary
April 26, 2011