Our Staff

  • Lorenzo Bellini Head shot

    Lorenzo Bellini

  • Thea Brenner Head shot

    Thea Brenner

    Development Coordinator
  • Leona Cheung Head shot

    Leona Cheung

  • Destiny Cooper Head shot

    Destiny Cooper

  • Kamden Dennis Teaching Assistant Head shot

    Kamden Dennis

    Teaching Assistant
  • Klo Garoute Accomp Head shot

    Klo Garoute

    Executive and Operations Assistant
  • Joshua Glassman Teaching Artist Head shot

    Joshua Glassman

    Assistant Conductor
  • Kenneth Griffith Head shot

    Kenneth Griffith

    Recruitment Manager
  • Patrick Hanafin Head shot

    Patrick Hanafin

    Associate Producer
  • Jenna Havelin Head shot

    Jenna Havelin

  • Jacob Hiser Head shot

    Jacob Hiser

  • Andrés Holder Head shot

    Andrés Holder

    Executive Director
  • Hannah Hooven TA Head shot

    Hannah Hooven

    Teaching Assistant
  • Emily Howe Head shot

    Emily Howe

  • Irene Idicheria Head shot

    Irene Idicheria

    Managing Director
  • Robbie Jacobs Head shot

    Robbie Jacobs

    Executive Producer
  • Kripa Joseph - Program Coordinator Head shot

    Kripa Joseph

    Program Coordinator
  • Leah Kazuko TA Head shot

    Leah Kazuko

    Teaching Assistant
  • Sarah Kennedy Head shot

    Sarah Kennedy

    Analytics Specialist
  • Carl-Isaak Krulewitch Head shot

    Carl-Isaak Krulewitch

  • Helen Leung TA Head shot

    Helen Leung

    Teaching Assistant
  • Rubi Lichauco Head shot

    Rubi Lichauco

    Music and Movement Instructor
  • Alexis Lujares Head shot

    Alexis Lujares

    Marketing Coordinator
  • John Martha-Reynolds Head shot

    John Martha-Reynolds

  • Krystal Morin Conductor Head shot

    Krystal Morin

  • Nancy O’Connor Accomp Head shot

    Nancy O’Connor

  • Pamela Pantos Head shot

    Pamela Pantos

    Development Director
  • Maggie Storm Head shot

    Maggie Storm

    Assistant Conductor
  • Elena Efthimiou Head shot

    Elena Velázquez Efthimiou

    Associate Director of Choirs