Concerts and Tickets


BCC performs over 40 times a year locally, nationally and internationally. Come hear one of our thirteen choirs.

Due to COVID-19, all concerts and performances have currently been suspended.

We are currently working on plans for a Finale concert. We are holding alternate performance dates at the Strand Theater. If we continue to practice social distancing through the end of May, please hold June 19 as an alternative concert date. If large convenings are discouraged through the end of June, please hold July 11 as the final concert date. Regardless of the date, the final concert will be presented with a more relaxed, family-friendly approach. The performance will feature repertoire programmed for PD, Rockport, and ISGM concerts, along with songs from our virtual choir setlist. If in-door performances through the end of July are unsafe for the community, we will plan for an outdoor gathering later in the summer or early fall. Rehearsals and performances form the backbone of the choral experience, and while we are unsure of the immediate future, we are committed to celebrating the work of our singers prior to and during the COVID crisis.