A Message From Executive Director, Andrés Holder

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A Message From Executive Director, Andrés Holder:

We at Boston Children's Chorus mourn the senseless loss of life as a result of the unfathomable terrorist attacks this past weekend.

Life is precious. We believe everyone carries music in their heart, and at the heart of this are thousands of innocent people who desire to live full, free, and peaceful lives. The world will never get to hear the thousands of songs from the hearts of each precious child lost in Israel and Gaza. We mourn the loss of those children and their relatives and are heartbroken for the countless others who have lost loved ones. We call for compassion and a cease to the violent destruction of innocent lives.
We are committed to holding space for the grief our singers are experiencing and are in open dialogue with many members within our BCC community about how we can help support them during this difficult time.
For children and families struggling with this devastating news, we are providing a few links to articles and resources that can help facilitate these challenging conversations.

How to talk to children about violence in Israel & Gaza (NPR)
How to talk to your children about conflict & war (UNICEF)
Handle with care: Supporting Young People during crises (Southern Poverty Law Center Learning for Justice)