A Message To Our Community: Love’s In Need of Love TODAY

BCC News

Dear BCC Community,

The fear, grief, helplessness, and rage currently being experienced by our Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) friends and family cannot become a new normal. Eight lives were violently stolen yesterday, as the AAPI community has been sounding the alarm about the increasing violence and vitriol they have been experiencing since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis.

Boston Children’s Chorus sends our support to our AAPI singers and staff. Our community is one of love and care, in good times and in dark times. It is times like these that make it clear that we have the power to create change by raising our voices in unity to demand that racialized violence and hatred is swiftly condemned.

BCC invites you to reach out to your AAPI loved ones to offer care and support during these difficult times.

"Hate’s gone round breaking many hearts, stop it please before it’s gone too far." - Love's In Need Of Love Today by Stevie Wonder


Boston Children's Chorus