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As we begin our first week of rehearsals of our 20th Anniversary season, here's some advice from the Class of 2022:

"The most important piece of advice I have for younger singers is never to be afraid to ask questions. I can almost promise you that someone else in the room is thinking the same thing if you have a question. There is no such thing as a bad question, and questions can really help you grow, learn, and conceptualize something new." - Shane S. 

"Don't be afraid to be loud and voice your opinions!"- Ameya K. 

"Always remind yourself why you are singing these songs because their meanings go so far beyond the notes on the page and can change lives." - Sam R. 

"Advocate for yourself. Let your conductors know if you have anything you are struggling with - musically, socially, or whatever the case may be. I have done that on many occasions when I need to, and the conductors are very receptive to what you are asking and can more than likely point you in the right direction." - Anthony C. 

"Ask questions... ask all the questions!"- Amy L.

"Enjoy your time in BCC and keep in touch with the friends you make in rehearsals!"- Simone I.

"Cherish the moments off stage." - Neha S. 

"Put yourself out there! It may seem lame, but when I made a fool of myself, that was when I made lifelong friends." - Isis C-P. 

"Branch out!! BCC has helped me make so many unexpected friends, and even though I know it's difficult to talk to new people, it's worth it." - Aditi S. 

"Be confident!" - Sabrina K. 

"Make the most of every moment! So many cool opportunities come from being a part of this choir, and they are much more impactful when you put all your effort and energy into them. And, while doing gigs like Opening Day at the Red Sox are fun, some of the best moments come from sitting in rehearsals or outside the rehearsal room, so stay engaged!" - Lena W. 

"My advice would be to enjoy every part of your singing journey. There is something to learn along every step of the way, and great things to discover." - Lucy N.

"Stick with it, but if you need to take some time off, don't be afraid to come back. BCC will still be there for you!"- Sadie K. 

"I'm still working on it, but sing out and make mistakes loudly. Be audacious and trust that your choir members will support you! It'll help you get comfortable with yourself and help your choir bond. And, you'll learn quicker." - Celeste A. 

"Please cherish the relationships that will form from this experience. You may come across some people that seem 'overly professional' or just elitist, but these people are just very excited about what they do. If you feel like you may not 'belong,' I promise that if you stick it out, you will find your people at some point and make amazing memories with them." - Liz T. 

"Don’t be afraid to sing out! It is so important to put everything out there, especially in rehearsals. No one is asking you to be perfect, and making mistakes is encouraged because your mistakes in rehearsal help you not make them in the concerts!" - Hannah T. 

"Foster openness and inclusivity in rehearsal spaces and put in the effort to develop meaningful relationships with other singers!" - Erica W. 

"Don't be afraid to ask for help, whether it be musically or not. I know I have struggled with this in the past, but I have slowly worked my way past it. You don’t need to do everything alone; it is okay to rely on others. You have conductors, even your fellow peers, who will gladly lend you a hand. No problem is ever too small." - Christina F. 

"Don’t be afraid to sing loudly and to make mistakes while you do. When I started at BCC, although I believed in my ability to sing, I did not sing confidently or loudly enough because I was afraid of messing up and people hearing my mistake. Over time, I have become confident in my voice and less afraid of singing the wrong note—mistakes are the best way to learn." - Didi B. 

"Value your rehearsal time (& learn notes at home)."

"Meet people ONstage (keep it going off stage)."

"Keep yourself healthy (especially on busy weekends). Rest your voice, drink, & eat lots."

"Sing it like it was the song you wish you were singing." 

"Put your hand up when you mess up!" 

"Never sing Happy Birthday well ever. This is BCC." 

"Never forget the Class of 2022!" 

Photo by Jocelyne Chin '19

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