Alumni Spotlight: Meghan Fitton

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Meghan Fitton '14 is a Fitness Instructor and freelance musician. She received a degree in Vocal Jazz Performance from the University of Miami in 2018. After singing in Concert Choir for one year, Meghan sang in Premier Choir until she graduated, spending a total of seven years with BCC.  

How did you first get involved with BCC?  

My mom found an open casting call so we went to audition on a whim. I don't remember much about the audition except that it was with Marta and I had to sing "Happy Birthday." Then I got into Concert Choir and the rest is history! 

Why is BCC special to you? 

The people I met were the most special part of BCC for me. These are people who know about your life and your family. They're the people who you won't see for years, but then you can pick up right where you left off. 

What is your favorite memory or experience from BCC?  

My favorite memory is MLK. We always worked so hard to get that music right and really relay Dr. King's message. It was always exciting who the special guest was going to be, whether it was Leslie Odom Jr. or the Massey brothers. It was always the biggest concert of the year where my whole family would come. I even got to sing at the pre-show reception a few times. 

What was your favorite concert/performance with BCC?  

My favorite concert was each tour's final show. Whether in Jordan, England, or D.C., the final concert was always bittersweet. We were so excited to perform and make that concert our best, but we were always emotional as it was the last concert of the season and some singers were graduating. 

What was your favorite tour with BCC?  

My favorite tour was Jordan. It was my first tour and my first time overseas. I was only twelve and heading to the Middle East, which was such an amazing opportunity. We got to float in the Dead Sea, snorkel in the Red Sea, and perform all over the country. It was the first time I was treated like a professional, working musician. 

How did your time at BCC prepare you for your current career? How has your background in music informed your professional life?  

BCC laid the groundwork for my musical education. Whether it was music theory, singing in a group, or how to act and be treated like a serious musician, it has carried into my everyday life as I have to learn music, be on time to auditions and collaborate with other people. 

What does our season theme, Breaking The Glass, mean to you?  

Breaking The Glass means ignoring the stereotypes, labels, and opinions that society puts on you so you can break the ceiling to your dreams! 

What advice would you give to current singers?  

I think I can speak for many graduated singers that BCC definitely shaped us as humans so take advantage of this opportunity. Try out for the solo, meet someone outside your friend group, take on that leadership position, and have fun! 

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