BCC Statement Regarding the Supreme Court’s Decision

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The decision issued on June 24, 2022, by the U. S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade is devastating to many in and beyond our community. The impact of this ruling will be hardest felt by those already most marginalized by systemic oppression and will lead to challenges of key rights that are protected under federal law today. As educators and caregivers, we can’t help but think of our recent high school graduates, currently entering a next stage in their adulthood without protections once afforded to previous generations. 

In times of crisis, it is critical that BCC leans into our mission to harness the power of music to connect our city's diverse communities, cultivate empathy and inspire social inquiry. We will continue to be a space where singers and families can reflect on what matters most to them, raising their voices and listening deeply in community. 

On Sunday, June 26th at 5:00 PM, members of the BCC community gathered at BCC HQ to sing and engage in dialogue around the impact of this decision on our community. 



Informational Articles:


  • Bodies on the Line, by Lauren Rankin, traces the history and evolution of this movement to tell a broader story of the persistent threats to safe and legal abortion access, and the power of individuals to stand up and fight back. 
  • Reproductive Rights as Human Rights, by Zakiya Luna. In Reproductive Rights as Human Rights, Zakiya Luna highlights the often-forgotten activism of women of color who are largely responsible for creating what we now know as the modern-day reproductive justice movement.

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