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We are super excited about our 15th anniversary season! #BCCturns15 #ourroots #getvocal #bostonchorus #movingforward #southbostonma

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The first month of rehearsals at BCC saw exciting new faces, new bonds being built, shoes lost and gum in hair, and thoughtful reflections on the upcoming year at BCC.

In Central Intermediate Choir Advanced Choir, Associate Director of Choirs of Jason Holmes had this to say:

After singing the Billy Taylor tune that Nina Simone made famous, "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free," I asked the choir for some possible situations in which people might feel these words. One of the most striking responses was, "I feel this way in school when we're discussing something like current events and I have a different opinion than the rest of the class." I acknowledged this comment and said, "I hope you don't feel that way when we discuss things at BCC." Several choristers responded in the same way: "No. Never."
In another activity, Concert Choir singers were asked to reflect on their hopes for this year in Concert Choir.
Answers ranged from "To meet new people" to "I want to learn everyone's name!" to "Get better at sight reading" to "I want to memorize my music before instructed to do so" to "I want to be less of a loner smile"


Training and Intermediate Choir Retreat

On Saturday, September 23, 8 of BCC's 13 choirs gathered at the Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club for a daytime retreat with fellow choristers. The day started by greeted lots of smiling (sleepy, but smiling) faces  who went into the gym for a group getting-to-know-you activity and vocal warmup. Our choristers had a chance to get to know singers from other training choirs. Then we split into a couple smaller groups for rehearsals and some fun outside. At the end of the day, we gathered as one big group again to learn more music, including the BCC anthem, “We Sing." Finally, singers had time to play together while waiting for pickup.

The day continued with our intermediate choirs. We started in a similar way, with some getting-to-know-you games. Then we moved into a rehearsal session. When it was time for a break, Mr. Jacobs led us in some more fun activities outside. Then, it was time for more rehearsal inside. Choristers many opportunities to help each other learn music.

We ended the rehearsal session with “We Sing," adding the challenge of learning the alto part for our intermediate singers. (Let’s hear it for harmony!) At the end of the day, choristers had more time outside to play together and went home happy, full of new music, and with some new friends.

We are grateful to our BCC staff and caregivers for making the retreat a fun and engaging day for our choristers!