Important Changes At Boston Children’s Chorus: Update

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To BCC Families, Alumni, and Friends,

On behalf of the Boston Children’s Chorus Board of Directors, we are writing to respond to inquiries we have received in the week since the announcement was made regarding the conclusion of Dr. Trecek-King’s tenure as Artistic Director of BCC in January.

Dr. Trecek-King is a beloved member of the BCC family and we recognize that news of his departure comes as a surprise to many. We welcome this opportunity to dialogue with you, as alumni, parents, students, and valued members of the BCC family, about the future of the organization.

Our Board of Directors is composed of proud parents of BCC singers and alumni, as well as long-time friends, colleagues, neighbors, and donors to BCC. Uniformly, this group considers Dr. Trecek-King a friend and colleague. In pursuing BCC’s mission, Dr. Trecek-King has demonstrated a generous spirit, an unwavering commitment to the students and families we serve, and a rare magic in his artistry.  Dr. Trecek-King has elevated our awareness of issues of social justice and equity and helped us to develop tools and practices to make our community more inclusive.

Still, we find ourselves at a time of transition. The journey to this moment, while not easy, was considered, discussed, and thoroughly vetted. We worked carefully with Dr. Trecek-King to prepare the announcement made to the BCC family last week. Although Dr. Trecek-King’s tenure concludes at the end of January 2020, we are in productive discussion on ways to continue to engage together.

For now, the Artistic Director position will remain unfilled; however, the position has not been eliminated. In this period of transition, we are confident that BCC’s artistic and programming staff will sustain the excellence that became the norm under Dr. Trecek-King. Each of BCC’s three senior artistic leaders is a seasoned choral music educator in her or his own right and has our full confidence in their ability to steward BCC programs in alignment with our mission. The organization is committed to support them as they undertake this work.

Importantly, and as stated in our original letter to the community, we have taken specific steps to ensure that no disruption in core activities will result from this transition. As parents, students, donors, and partners, you can expect an uncompromised level of service and quality of program from BCC in the months and years to come.

Looking ahead, we have begun the process of identifying an Executive Director. The position will absorb the responsibilities previously associated with the role of President. Our aim is to work with our community to identify a talented leader who will champion BCC’s commitments to artistic excellence and social justice, and who will work every day to ensure BCC’s ability to thrive in the years to come.

In this effort, we will seek to identify a talented leader who can bring their lived experience to the critical discussions inspired through our commitment to cultural equity, and critical inquiry, and social change.

Additionally, amongst other attributes, we will seek in this individual a person who:

  • Will ensure that BCC is a welcoming, inclusive, safe, and exciting environment for every student;
  • Can help expand BCC’s reach within Boston-area communities that have been traditionally underserved and undercapitalized, including those currently under-represented amongst BCC students;
  • Can help BCC better achieve its goals in respect to hiring and retaining a diverse staff and Board; and
  • Can ensure financial and operational stability – the critical functions, in addition to music, that underpin the organization’s viability and success. As such, this search will prioritize skills required to ensure sound financial management; human resource development and support; effective marketing and public relations; strong internal and external communication; and rigorous and consistent stakeholder engagement.

These goals are not new. In fact, each of these goals are articulated in BCC’s recently-completed Strategic Plan – the creation of which involved parents, stakeholders, staff leadership, alumni, and a diverse group of Board members. However, we recognize that they have not been fully met and, together, we will consistently strive to attain them.

We welcome our community’s input in this important process. Your comments can be directed to, an account that is checked regularly by senior management.

Finally, we remain committed to building the capacity, diversity, and effectiveness of our Board. Today, our Board is composed of volunteer members who commit to uphold BCC’s mission. Members dedicate substantial time and advisory services; actively work to attract the investment of businesses, foundations, and donors; activate community-level support for performances, enrollment, and other BCC activities; and give generously of their own personal resources and networks to support BCC’s activities. Individuals interested in understanding more about Board membership are encouraged to contact us at We encourage interest in joining the Board.

For now, we hope that you will deepen your partnership with BCC. This is an important time for the BCC family to come together and continue to use its energies to create positive change through the power of music. We look forward to engaging with you as we talk, dream, and create the future of BCC together.



Linda Wondrack, Esq., Co-chair

Claudia Mathis, Ed.D, Co-chair