Important Changes At Boston Children’s Chorus: Update 2

BCC News

Dear Friends,

We are proud of the BCC mission and team.

This said, we – a Board composed of BCC parents; donors; community partners; corporate advocates; people of color; and long-time BCC friends – acknowledge that BCC has struggled to gain traction in key areas, including several areas identified in communications from the BCC family in recent weeks.


  • We agree BCC can, and must, do more to recruit and retain a student body that is representative of the full diversity of our city.
  • We agree that BCC has struggled to retain key staff members, specifically members of color.
  • We agree that certain programming decisions, including activity in certain communities and not others, deserves additional scrutiny.
  • And we agree that these are outcomes towards which BCC will take consistent action.

These concerns and others, including unsustainable financial performance in 2018-19, define a context which preceded the difficult decision announced last month. Strategies to address these concerns and others are described here:

  • BCC's strategic plan was developed over a nine-month period in 2018 and 2019 by BCC staff, Board members, parents, and community stakeholders. This plan will guide our action in the years to come.
  • In this plan, we have authored a six-point plan for 2020, laying out strategic priorities in the areas of long-term program planning; student engagement and recruitment; board and staff development (including the search for an Executive Director); deepened engagement with Alumni; enhanced communications; and financial resilience.
  • A summary of that plan can be found here on our website.

We recognize change is not easy and we share concerns regarding the impact of this transition on BCC students. As parents ourselves, we acknowledge that this is not, and will not, be easy for the children and young adults who have grown to admire Dr. Trecek-King’s warmth, insight, and artistic leadership. The decision announced in November was not easy, and one we sought to avoid. But it was unanimous in pursuit of one outcome: a mission-driven, sustainable, impactful, and flourishing BCC.

In recognition of these challenges, the steps outlined above, as well as in our previous communications, are designed to ensure programmatic continuity and quality of service for all BCC students.  We are confident in BCC’s exemplary staff and their ability to steward BCC during this period of transition and have taken steps to ensure they are supported as they do so.

We reiterate our invitation to join us in these efforts. BCC is in ongoing need of volunteers, donors, and individuals interested in joining the Board, and in providing fiduciary oversight and financial support of the mission. Individuals wishing to discuss this opportunity are encouraged to write to us at

In the weeks and months to come, we look forward to continuing dialogue with the BCC family. We ask for your partnership in turning our attention toward the future – one we are confident will produce a BCC able to meet the needs, expectations, and aspirations of our cherished chorus, and generations of singers to come.


The BCC Board of Directors