Singer Spotlight: Esther Trask

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Esther Trask

Hi, BCC community! My name is Esther. I’m 15 years old and I sing in Choral Union at BCC. I joined BCC because I am passionate about singing and social justice.


Q. How long have you been in BCC? 

A. This will be my sixth year with BCC.


Q. Why is BCC special to you?

A. BCC is an amazing place where I can learn and sing lots of different genres of music. Have also learned lots of musical and performance skills. I have made connections with all different kinds of people from all over the greater Boston area whom I would have never met without BCC.


Q. What is your most memorable moment at BCC thus far?

A.  Within the five years I have been at BCC the greatest memory I have is my first concert at the Children’s Museum. I was so small back then, and the amount of sound that we all created together was so pure and alive.


Q. What do you do when you're not singing?

A. When I’m not singing I like to write, listen to music, and paint.


Q. What is your spirit animal?

A. My spirit animal is a Tardigrade. Tardigrades are very small, cute, and strong. They can survive under very hard conditions.