Singer Spotlight: Phaedra Sanon

BCC News

Phaedra Sanon is a member of the Central Intermediate Advanced Choir. She has been in BCC for the last six years, starting in United South End Settlements Choir just when it became a training choir. 

How did you come to hear about BCC? 

Originally, my music teacher in elementary school recommended me to sing with BCC because I love to sing. I loved singing songs from the radio to my class. So she recommended me, and I signed up for USES (training choir) the next year. 

What is your favorite part about being in BCC?

The experience of doing dances during some songs and singing some songs that are more classical. This gives a nice mix of songs that are more modern and some that are from earlier times.

What is your favorite song that you have ever sung with BCC? 

That gives me a lot of choices. There are a lot of songs that I like to sing at BCC, and I mean A LOT! Definitely, most recently, it is "Oye." The lovely catchphrase, "Oye", it's "Oye," is a classic! 

Why is CIA so meaningful to you? 

The idea of having kids who are the same age, and relatable is a great experience. It's easy to find someone you can relate to, even though you only see each other two to three times a week. 

Our season theme shines a spotlight on the role of women in society, what does the season theme mean to you? 

The season theme shows the significance of women over the many centuries that our human race has existed, and the records that we have of women, clearly show their efforts to make the world a better place.

Do you see yourself as a young leader who is making the world a better place, and how? 

I think so. Just by being in BCC and singing about the changes going on in society, really does bring a change, as long as people actually take a stand and take action.