Thank You

BCC News

Dear BCC Community,
This Thanksgiving, we are looking back at our fifteen years of social harmony, and thinking about all of the incredible and important moments you've helped create. We are who we are at BCC because of the strength of our community, and that community includes our families.
Our families move mountains to provide a better life for their children, driving from as far away as Concord, New Hampshire to participate in the program, making sacrifices to attend that overnight retreat and that weekday performance. BCC singers come from all walks of life to unite in song. They are the first-generation American who can remember details of the day they arrived in this country, the first person in their family to graduate high school and go to college, the first to proudly serve our country in uniform. Every day, we are inspired by your resilience, your spirit, and your optimism.

From creating a place where children flourish, differences are celebrated, and all voices are welcome - to singing songs that represent different cultures and engaging in meaningful conversations, we will continue to support the people who make BCC what we are. We give thanks to you, our community.
Thank you for everything that you do.
With gratitude,
Boston Children's Chorus