We love our volunteers!

BCC News

We at BCC would like to thank all the people who have supported us this past season, in ways big and small. Our volunteers contribute to all the wonderful things that BCC does!

Very recently, BCC held a Volunteer Appreciation Ice Cream Social to recognize, thank, and celebrate our volunteers. With a Red Sox game, Thursday night school activities, and other conflicts, not all of our fantastic volunteers were able to make the Social. We would like to thank you here!

To our biggest group of volunteers, the wonderful caregivers of our BCC singers: we sincerely could not pull off our concerts and events without you all. From our 4 large-scale concerts a year, countless events, to our weekly rehearsals, our families do it all. Our caregivers helped us at Central Intermediate Choir Advanced Choir's 3 Trebles Festival, hosted this past year at our headquarters, where we served 120 children a pizza dinner with a full salad buffet in under 15 minutes. Our caregivers are uniform checkers, balcony shushers, event ushers, program book hander-outers, lobby greeters, helping with translating materials into different languages, mailings by addressing, stamping and sealing innumerable envelopes, picking up balloons, doing what is affectionately known as “herding children” from point A to point B, not losing a single one in the process, and taking the initiative to drive left over food from an event to a nearby homeless shelter to donate it. Thank you for everything that you do.

To partner organizations like Boston Cares and City Year, two fantastic organizations that year after year provide BCC with dedicated and passionate volunteers to staff our concerts and events, thank you. 

To the friends and family of BCC staff members, who show their support by volunteering at concerts and events (sometimes against their own will!), thank you.

Finally, to our Board of Directors and Committee Members who dedicate their time by providing oversight to our mission and lend their skills and expertise to guide our organization in the right direction, thank you.

We are who we are at BCC because of the strength of our community. Thank you for everything that you do!