We Shall Not Be Moved

BCC News

Yesterday’s violence in the U.S. Capitol was an affront on our democracy. Our singers will inherit the leadership of this nation and it is critical that today’s civic officials uphold their commitment to equity, fairness, and justice.

Boston Children’s Chorus is a place where we hold each other with care, learn about each other’s perspectives through music, and relish the richness found at the intersection of our many differences.

We pledge never to condone violence or injustice regardless of how disparate our points of view may be. We will continue to valiantly use our voices to raise up those who are often cast aside and will always work for a better tomorrow.

Despite the challenges of our time, we begin rehearsals next week with the hope of this refrain: We're fighting for our children, we shall not be moved, we're fighting for our children, we shall not be moved. Like a tree that's planted by the water, we shall not be moved.