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Earth’s Cry: An Environmental Justice Concert

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

25 Evans Way
Boston, MA 02115

Choirs: Premier Choir
Status: Public

We are living in the midst of the worst period of species loss since the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. As witnesses to global climate change as well as the sixth mass extinction of plants and animals on our planet, what can we do to help preserve the health of our ecosystem? What role can music play in environmental activism?

In this concert, the award-winning Boston Children’s Chorus will perform music inspired by nature in an effort to give voice to the importance of environmental knowledge and understanding. Interspersing diverse choral selections with recordings of whalesongs, birdsongs, and other natural phenomena, this multimedia presentation aims to inspire conversation among singers and audience about what environmental justice might look like in the 21st century – and how we might use our voices to echo and amplify the needs of our planet and its most vulnerable occupants.

Remarks will be given by Hannah Saltman from the Boston-based non-profit organization Ceres, an advocate for sustainability leadership and a sustainable economy.

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