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Ouroboros Trilogy: Naga

Emerson/Cutler Majestic Theatre

219 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116

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Choirs: Roxbury Intermediate Advanced Choir

Ouroboros is a three-part exploration of life, death and rebirth, as symbolized by the ancient Greek icon of a serpent eating its own tail. The trilogy, produced by Beth Morrison Projects and The Friends of Madame White Snake, will be presented in Boston in the fall of 2016, both as individual operas and as seven hour full-day events. The production will bring together an acclaimed artistic team, including conductors Carolyn Kuan, Julian Wachner, and Lan Shui, and composers Zhou Long, Paola Prestini, and Scott Wheeler. Many extraordinary Boston music institutions such as The New England Conservatory of Music, The Boston Children’s Chorus, Arts Emerson, The Boston Children’s Museum and the Celebrity Series of Boston are participating in the project.

Naga is the story of a young Monk who renounces everything to find nirvana.  The White Snake encounters him when he is saying goodbye to his wife.  The coupe's grief moves her.  She has never experienced such emotion.  The Monk encounters the demon, Mara, who tempts him three times.  The Monk resists the first two onslaughts, but almost succumbs to the third temptation.  The White Snake stops him and leads him to Master, a renowned healer, who takes him in as an apprentice in the healing arts.  When Master discovers the White Snake, he recognizes her magic - she is the answer to his prayers for the salvation fo the world; anyone who eats of her will be healed.  The monk, however, believes that she should be free so the universe will have beauty and uniqueness.  Master orders him to hold the White Snake so he can sacrifice her.  In the ensuing struggle, the Monk releases the snake and his Master is stabbed.

Conceived by Charles and Cerise Jacobs
Directed by Michael Counts
Composed by Schott Wheeler
Conducted by Carolyn Kuan

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