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Note from Premier Choir Presidents: 

In an increasingly polarized world, the mission of our organization to connect people from different backgrounds, to understand and empathize deeply with each other, and for that connection through music to be the force for social change continues to be evermore important. BCC has helped us to understand that we can be the voices and instigators of change. We know that the time is now to create the world we want to live in and do so with love, joy, and radical hospitality. As the melodies fill the air tonight, let us not only revel in the music but also reflect on the profound lessons these songs inspire. 

JeanCaleb Belizaire, Parker Hastings, Mara Stein, & Ella Vargas 

Premier Choir Presidents, Class of 2024

Finding a Home, Opus Nuovo Commission 2021 

Since 2019, Boston Children’s Chorus has been developing an exciting commissioning project called Opus Nuovo, with the goal of creating new choral works representative of our community and championing the work of composers outside of the Eurocentric Western canon.  This program features a work by 2021 Opus Nuovo composer, Sydney Guillaume, who created a work that helps us re-imagine a home, in collaboration with BCC during their 2020-2021 season in the pandemic. 

Sydney writes “ Finding a Home is a hopeful testament to the immigrant experience as well as anyone who has felt displacement. It was written during a global pandemic and immense social tension in the United States. This composition blends English and Haitian Creole to connect different cultures. The piece takes you on a journey that validates the anguish from feeling out of place, and also celebrates the homes we have found and the ones we have yet to discover.” 

We look forward to continuing this important work in each future season of BCC—creating a choral canon that is truly reflective of our singers and our diverse communities.