Our Roots: Singing the Legacy of MLK (2012-2017)

This commemorative 2-CD digipak celebrates BCC’s 15-year tradition of MLK Concerts. Featuring the best of our recordings that date back to 2012, Our Roots offers an aural glimpse into our organization’s powerful mission, our tradition of musical excellence, and our proud proclamation of social justice. Complete with liner notes by Anthony Trecek-King, and a comprehensive list of participants between 2012 and 2017, parents, music educators, and fans alike will be wowed by our singers’ performances, and are sure to learn something new. Our Roots was released at the MLK Concert on January 15, 2018 at Boston's Symphony Hall. This is a limited edition, hard-copy production, and is not available on iTunes, CD Baby, or Amazon Music. 

For purchase, please download and fill out the following order form and send to Trey Pratt at tpratt@bostonchildrenschorus.org.




Track Listings CD 1

1. Buses Are A-Comin', Oh Yes (2013)
    Adaptation of a Traditional Song by Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee members
    arr. Nolan Williams, Jr. 
    transcribed by Stephen Feigenbaum

2. I'm Building Me a Home (2014)
    Traditional Spiritual
    arr. Anthony Trecek-King

3. Wading Deep Waters (2015)
    Crooked Still
    arr. Feigenbaum

4. Ho Boys, Cancha Line 'Em (2013)
    Traditional Spiritual
    arr. Leonard de Paur (1914-1998)

5. Wade in the Water (2013)
    Traditional Spiritual
    arr. Moses Hogan

6. On My Way (2017)
    Traditional Spiritual
    arr. Trecek-King

7. Strange Fruit (2013)
    Abel Meeropol (a.k.a. Lewis Allan) (1903-1986)
    arr. Kristina G. Boerger

8. The Death of Emmett Till (2014)
    AC Bilbrew (1888-1972)
    arr. Feigenbaum

9. If We Must Die (2016)
    Stephen Feigenbaum (b. 1989)

10. Ballad of Harry T. Moore (2016)
    Bernice Reagan Johnson (b. 1942)
    arr. Emily Howe

11. Seven Last Words of the Unarmed (2017)
    Joel Thompson (b. 1988)
        - Trayvon Martin
        - Amadou Diallo

12. Ain't I A Woman (2017)
    Susan Borwick (b. 1946)

13. Dreams, from Trilogy of Dreams (2013)
    Rollo Dilworth (b. 1970)

14. I'll Fly Away (2015)
    Albert E. Brumley (1905-1977)
    arr. Jim Papoulis

15. We Are One (2017)
    Brian Tate (b. 1954)

16. Amazing Grace (2015)
    arr. Jackson Berkey

Track Listings CD 2

1. King fit the Battle of Alabam’ (2014)
    Duke Ellington (1899 - 1974)
    arr. Stephen Feigenbaum

2. Driva Man (2014)
    Max Roach (1924 - 2007)
    arr. Feigenbaum

3. This Land is Your Land (2015)
    Woodie Guthrie (1912 - 1967)
    arr. Feigenbaum

4. American Tune (2015)
    Paul Simon (b. 1941)
    arr. Feigenbaum

5. Bond Music (2016)
    Trevor Weston (b. 1967)

6. A Church is Burning (2016)
    Paul Simon (b.1941)
    arr. Feigenbaum

7. A Change is Gonna Come (2013)
    Sam Cooke (1931 - 1964)
    arr. Feigenbaum

8. Conversation Peace (2017)
    Stevie Wonder (b. 1950)
    arr. Feigenbaum

9. Paper and Ink (2015)
    Tracy Chapman (b. 1964)
    arr. Feigenbaum

10. Pride (In the Name of Love) (2012)
    arr. Whitney Simmonds

11. Oh Canada (2017)
    Missy Higgins (b. 1983)
    arr. Feigenbaum

12. Time for Change (2016)
    Jim Papoulis (b. 1961)

13. Before My Time (2014)
    J. Ralph (b. 1975) 
    arr. Feigenbaum

14. Shed a Little Light (2013)
    James Taylor (b. 1948)
    arr. Papoulis

15. Let the River Run (2015)
    Carly Simon (b. 1945)
    arr. Craig Hella Johnson

16. One Day (2014)
    Matisyahu (b. 1979)
    arr. Feigenbaum