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Rehearsal Models – Season 20/21

The 2020-2021 Season, Waves of Change, will offer meaningful opportunities for singers to engage in innovative and inclusive artistic work. Cultural partnerships, rigorous composition projects, and small group instruction, and intentional singer-bonding will frame each singer’s experience. While we are mindful of the current challenges posed by COVID-19,  BCC is ready to embark on a new chapter with renewed hope and expectations for what we can achieve together as a community

During the first week of rehearsal, you will receive a full curriculum outline charting the content areas covered in each session between September and December 2020. Regardless of the choir model, learning objectives will follow the curriculum outline.


To view the list of rehearsals, performances, and vacation dates see the season schedule below:



Schedules and Syllabi by Choir

Lower Choirs

Training Choir 1 (Tues) Schedule
Training Choir 1 (Tues) Syllabus
Training Choir 2 (Sat) Schedule
Training Choir 2 (Sat) Syllabus
Advanced Training Schedule
Advanced Training Syllabus
Intermediate Choir Schedule
Intermediate Choir Syllabus

Upper Choirs

Intermediate Advanced Choir Schedule
Intermediate Advanced  Choir Syllabus
Concert Choir Schedule
Concert Choir Syllabus
Young Men's Ensemble Schedule
Young Men's Ensemble Syllabus
Premier Choir Schedule
Premier Choir Syllabus


In this model:

  • Rehearsals will continue exclusively on Zoom.
  • Singers will meet in Zoom cohort (small) groups for two scheduled 30-minute sessions per week.

BCC will operate in this model:

  • For as long as Boston Public Schools provides all instructions online.
  • Until the state government has given permission for large, indoor group activities to reconvene.
  • For as long as medical experts warn against any in-person group singing.

Choir Registration Information: