2020-2021 Season


Rehearsal Models – Season 20/21

The 2020-2021 Season, Waves of Change, will offer meaningful opportunities for singers to engage in innovative and inclusive artistic work. Cultural partnerships, rigorous composition projects, and small group instruction, and intentional singer-bonding will align will frame each singer’s experience. While we are vigilant mindful of the current challenges posed by COVID-19,  BCC is ready to embark on a new chapter with renewed hope and expectations for what we can achieve together as a community. This document below outlines three models of ensemble convening rehearsals. Regardless of the model, BCC offers the following initial plans as a commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our singers and families

BCC will begin the year, prepared to pivot between three models of rehearsals, based on the most up-to-date advice for state and local education leadership. The three models are based on initial guidelines published by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The three models are the Online Model, the Hybrid Model, and the Full Group Model. In both the Online and Hybrid models the choir will be divided into cohorts (small groups) of 10-15 singers who will rehearse at specific times. The Full Group model is more akin to the BCC we are all used to, with all singers meeting together, but with small adjustments to ensure health and safety.

During the first week of rehearsal, you will receive a full curriculum outline charting the content areas covered in each session between September and December 2020. Regardless of the choir model, learning objectives will follow the curriculum outline. Singers and families should be ready to pivot at short notice between the three different models, and prior to the start of the season, BCC will release a communication policy in respect to this.

To view the list of rehearsals, performances and vacation dates see the season schedule below:





In this model:

  • Rehearsals will continue exclusively on Zoom.
  • Singers will meet in Zoom cohort (small) groups for two scheduled 30-minute sessions per week.

BCC will operate in this model:

  • For as long as Boston Public Schools provides all instructions online.
  • Until the state government has given permission for large, indoor group activities to reconvene.
  • For as long as medical experts warn against any in-person group singing.


In this model:

  • The content and the cohorts of this model are exactly the same as the Online Model, except that the 30-minute cohort sessions will take place in-person at 20 Old Colony Ave.
  • Rehearsals will take place in a strictly socially distanced format. Singers will stand 6 feet apart from one another and enter and exit the BCC premises via a one-way route.
  • Additional to in-person cohort groups, singers will all meet together online for Full Group Zoom sessions. A limited number of students will be able to attend in person.

BCC will operate in this model:

  • When restrictions on singing activity indoors have been relaxed, but there are limitations to in-person group size.


In this model:

  • Singers will return to full in-person programming, all attending BCC HQ in full choirs.. All in-person rehearsals for the season will take place at BCC HQ.
  • Restrictions will remain in place around attending sessions if you are feeling unwell.

BCC will operate in this model:

  • When there is official guidance and widespread scientific consensus that convening in group singing does not pose an elevated health risk.

For any in-person interaction during the Hybrid Model at BCC HQ, BCC singers will be required to follow the guidelines listed below:

Masks/Face Coverings:

  • In the small choir model setting, all singers are required to wear a mask/face covering that covers their nose and mouth for the duration of their time at BCC HQ. Masks/face coverings are to be provided by the student/family.
  • Adults, including conductors and staff, are required to wear masks/face coverings for the duration of their time at BCC HQ.
  • Mask/face covering requirements will be flexible for those for whom it is not possible due to medical conditions, disability impact, or other health or safety factors. Please contact us directly if this applies to your singer.

Social Distancing:

  • Singers and staff will be spaced 6 feet apart at all times. To maximize singer experience and minimize risk, our singers will be placed into smaller cohorts within their choirs. Cohorts will meet at staggered times within their weekly rehearsal time frame.

Handwashing and Sanitizing:

  • We ask that all singers wash their hands thoroughly upon arrival and before exiting the building. Our bathrooms will be fully equipped with soap, water, and disposable towels.
  • Touchless hand sanitizing stations have been installed throughout BCC HQ.


  • Screening will not be provided upon entry. We ask that families monitor their singer’s symptoms daily, not send your singer in for rehearsal if they are exhibiting symptoms, and to inform us immediately if your singer is exhibiting symptoms or has tested positive for Covid-19

Contact Tracing:

  • BCC will be operating a contact tracing model. If a singer or staff member who has attended BCC in-person is subsequently diagnosed with a confirmed case of COVID-19, we will contact all who may have been directly exposed to the virus, sharing details of safety and testing protocol.

Choir Registration Information: