BCC is piloting a series of mini-lessons to continue working with our singers! Parents, check your email on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday for updates, links, and session descriptions.

Mini-Lesson Schedule: 

Training Level

Mini-Lesson 1

Monday at 4:30 pm with Ms. Cooper

Mini-Lesson 2

Wednesday at 4:30 with Mr. Pratt

Mini-Lesson 3

Friday at 4:30 with Ms. I

Intermediate Level

Mini-Lesson 1

Tuesday at 4:30 pm with Mr. Reynolds

Mini-Lesson 2

Thursday at 4:30 with Ms. Howe

CU and JME 

Monday at 5:00 pm with Mr. Pratt and Ms. Havelin

Advanced Level


Thursday at 5:00 pm with Mr. Jacobs. 

Concert Choir

Wednesday at 5:00 pm with Mr. Jacobs. 

Check our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for reminders.

Check out the latest videos here!