Planned Giving

Including Boston Children’s Chorus in your will or estate plan is a simple way to make a meaningful contribution. When you make a legacy commitment of any size you provide invaluable support to Boston Children’s Chorus.

A bequest is a gift made to BCC through your will or trust at the time of your passing. It’s an extraordinary display of commitment that costs nothing in your lifetime, all while supporting our specialized learning environment designed to give a rich and rewarding musical experience to each child. We also welcome you as a lifelong member of the BCC Bequest Society.


What are the benefits?

  • A bequest comes out of your assets at the time of your death and therefore does diminish your current income.
  • You may alter your bequest or trust designation at any time.
  • Your bequest or trust designation is entirely free from federal estate taxes, whereas if it were left to an individual, a significant amount might go to federal estate taxes.
  • You receive immediate benefits as a member of the BCC Bequest Society, such as invitations to intimate receptions, recognition in the Annual Report, and more.


How do I make a bequest gift?

  • Notify Andrés Holder, Executive Director, of your intent by emailing
  • Include a bequest provision in your will or revocable trust. The following language would create such a gift, and should be reviewed with your estate planning professional: “I give the sum of ______________dollars ($___________) [or ____________% of my estate] [or description of securities or other property] to Boston Children’s Chorus, a federally tax-exempt 501(c)(3) with offices at 20 Old Colony Ave, Floor 2, Boston, MA 02127. This gift is unrestricted [or a specific designation].”
  • Upon your passing, BCC receives the bequest you specified.


What are the various types of bequests?

  • Cash Bequest: BCC receives a specific dollar amount from your estate.
  • Residuary Bequest: BCC receives all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after the payment of any specific bequests and expenses.
  • Retirement Plan: BCC is designated as a beneficiary of the remainder of your IRA or qualified pension.
  • Life Insurance: BCC is designated as a beneficiary or owner of your life insurance policy.


What’s next?

The BCC Bequest Society was established to honor those who choose to include Boston Children’s Chorus in their will and/or estate planning. Members enjoy a variety of benefits in gratitude for their generosity, such as invitations to private receptions, recognition in the Annual Report, and more.

If you have already included BCC in your will or if you would like additional information, please contact Andrés Holder, Executive Director, at