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It’s our 15th season! thumbnail Photo

It’s our 15th season!

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This season, we celebrate our extraordinary 15-year history and rejoice in the bright opportunities that lie ahead. 

Providing for our families thumbnail Photo

Providing for our families

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Throughout the 2016-2017 season, board member and Social Impact Committee chair Susan Conkling interviewed parents and caregivers of BCC singers. Questions included how families heard of BCC, why they participate, and what aspects of our program are important to families. 

Things I wish my conductor knew… thumbnail Photo

Things I wish my conductor knew…

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Over the course of the 2016-2017 season, Boston Children's Chorus piloted a program, "Things I Wish My Conductor Knew," to survey our singers' inner thoughts about how their time at BCC impacts them.

Thank you, Tim Ferguson! thumbnail Photo

Thank you, Tim Ferguson!

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Outgoing board chair Tim Ferguson has spent 11 years on the Board of BCC, including 6 years as chairman.