Special Projects


Part of the mission at Boston Children's Chorus is never to turn away a singer based on inability to pay tuition. With your support of our special projects, children can enjoy a variety of cultural exchanges, social inquiry and discovery programs, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Performances and Cultural Immersion Programs for Children

BCC Concert Underwriting

BCC performs over 40 times a year locally, nationally, and internationally. We offer a menu of sponsorship and underwriting opportunities each season. Whether you sponsor a select concert, support a choir, or underwrite a guest artist, your gift will help to enhance our programming.

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BCC Summer Scholarships

Boston Children’s Chorus’ summer enrichment program, BCC Summer, offers area children ages 7-11 opportunities for creative expression through voice, dance, percussion, and the visual arts. The program also connects children with a global community of visiting international choirs who participate.

Several families are unable to afford the $550 per child week tuition for BCC Summer. Your gift today gives every child a chance for summer learning opportunities, without which may lead to losses in academic and artistic skills. Led by BCC’s conducting staff, young singers enjoy 4 weeks of singing, dancing, drumming, art-making, storytelling, and excursions all while celebrating diversity, social inquiry, and environmental justice.

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BCC Tours and Excursions

Hundreds of BCC youth have experienced life-changing opportunities while traveling the world. BCC Tour destinations have included Japan, Jordan, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia, Czech Republic, Germany, and Canada. This year, singers will explore Australia. Every other year, the two most advanced ensembles tour internationally, while our intermediate groups go on domestic BCC Excursions – from Washington, DC to Princeton, NJ for the Three Trebles Festival, and to Carnegie Hall.

Tours and excursions provide children with transformative cultural education experiences to broaden their outlook on humanity and world events. In addition to building cross-cultural skills vital for their success in college and the workforce, foreign travel provides a wonderful opportunity for singers to practice organizational skills, responsibility, teamwork, and self-reliance in unfamiliar settings – often away from their school and family for the first time – contributing greatly to their confidence and self-esteem. By supporting BCC Tours and Excursions, you are assuring every singer can take part in this incredible opportunity.

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Enhanced Curriculum for Young Singers

BCC Voices for Change

Our choral programs offer unique curriculum custom designed to ensure a high quality and holistic musicianship training, as well as social discovery and inquiry. Music has the power to diminish boundaries of people with different backgrounds and with constant decreases in school music programs across our nation, your support will raise the voices of Boston’s youth. By giving to the BCC Voices for Change, you are directly supporting our enhanced curriculum, and giving youth of greater Boston the opportunity to come together and empower BCC’s culture.

Support BCC Voices for Change


BCC Herbert R. Kiser Memorial Scholarship

Every year senior singers can apply to the Kiser Scholarship. Allan Kiser, Chairman of the Board, and his wife Rita Kiser have developed this scholarship to be a major impact for our singers going off to college.  The Kiser scholarship is awarded to individuals each year who exemplify what it means to be an all-around good person.  In memory of Herbert R. Kiser, recipients of this scholarship have demonstrated their devotion to make their community better. With your help, we can offer significant funds to help ease the immense costs of attending college for our singers.

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For additional information, please contact Jude Bedel, Director of Development at 617-245-6034 or jbedel@bostonchildrenschorus.org