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Singer Spotlights

"When I started BCC, I was in the fourth grade, and I remember being one of the few boys in Central Intermediate Advanced choir. At that age, I really wasn't sure about being in a chorus with so many girls. I would encourage any of the boys who are just joining to stick with the chorus. The support from the other boys in the choir is terrific, and when you finally make it to Young Men's Ensemble, the experience of singing with so many male voices is great." - Nick Brink 

"I'm so grateful that BCC has continued to do what it does, even in this time of the pandemic, because singing is something, we can all do, also when we're alone in our homes. It's amazing how many lives it can change and people it can touch, and bring together, and I'm endlessly grateful that BCC has given me the opportunity to do that, and to make a change." - Becca Lapham 

"BCC is special to me because the idea of having kids who are the same age, and relatable is a great experience. It's easy to find someone you can relate to, even though you only see each other two to three times a week." - Phaedra Sanon

"BCC is special to me because it’s a place where I feel safe. I feel good being my whole self in this community, and that’s really special. On top of that, it’s a microcosm of my aspirations for the world. I love that there is space to have in-depth conversations and disagree, personal growth is encouraged, and it’s diverse far beyond tokenism. Beyond that, BCC is my second family." Evelyn Reyes

Senior Spotlights

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Alumni Spotlights

Alumni Spotlight: Alexis Lujares  2018
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Alumni Spotlight: Abigail Sweeney  2019
Alumni Spotlight: Reina Morales 2019
Alumni Spotlight: Marlon Matthews 2020
Alumni Spotlight: Meghan Fitton 2020 

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